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New Home Check-list

By using Pittenger Builders as your builder, you can rest easy knowing your home will be "built to last" and finished with a superior level of quality. Our process ensures we meet both your time frame and budget. 

The bulleted list below details each step of the building process.  You can be assured that Pittenger Builders takes everything into consideration when building your new home.  We strive to fulfill every need, leaving you 100% satisfied with your new home.


  • Getting Started - Start by calling one of the Pittenger Builders team members. After a brief conversation, we will determine which of our services best fit your needs.

  • Site-Analysis - Before starting the construction phase, we come out and visit the building site.  Doing this, allows us to identify potential challenges before they arise.

  • Architectural/Engineering Plans - This is the time when you decide on the design of your home and the layout-out on your property.  Pittenger Builders will help you step-by-step in the design process.

  • Going Green - Pittenger Builders embraces green building practices. We will help you select the most energy-efficient products for your new home. This will help to lower your energy bills and protect our planet.

  • Permits/Approvals - In this step, you will submit your plans to your local municipality for approval.  This can be a daunting task; however, if you contract Pittenger Builders, we will gladly take care of this step for you.

  • Plan Finalization - After receiving your stamped architectural plans it is time for you to discuss the finishes for your home. 

  • Pricing and Selections - At this point we sit back down with you, to discuss the finishes and selections. Allowing us to finalize a price for your project.  

  • Contract - Putting pen to paper, now it's really time to get started!

  • Excavation - Your house is staked out to identify the location of the foundation and we start digging.  We strip the topsoil and pile it somewhere on your property until the final grading phase, at the end of the job.  We pour the footings and set the block.  (If your home is to be set on piles there will be no excavating.)

  • Foundation - The foundation is one of the core structural elements of your home.  It is what transfers the weight of your home safely to the earth.  Foundations in our area are typically made of concrete block, cast-in-place concrete, helical piles or wooden driven piles.

  • Framing - Now's the time when those hard to read lines on your blueprints start to make sense.  We start with the first floor-system and don't stop moving until your home is completely framed.

  • Weather-tight - This is the time where homeowners really get excited.  At this point, your house has a roof, windows, exterior doors, and the house wrap has been installed.

  • Rough-ins/Siding - A lot of work is going on at once now.  We'll have siding and trim installed on the exterior. While the plumbing, HVAC and electric are being installed on the interior.

  • Insulation - We do our best to increase the energy efficiency of your home.  We seal the base plates, penetrations, outlets, floors, walls, ceilings, etc. It's a work item that has huge dividends with the right investment.

  • Exterior Grading/Landscaping - Grading your site, as well as landscaping, is an ongoing process.  You could place this work item at the beginning, or the end, either way, it will look beautiful!

  • Drywall - Drywall is cut, hung, screwed and glued.  Immediately after; the finishers start their work by taping, spackling and sanding.  We are ready for paint.

  • Paint (First Coat) - We like to do an early coat of paint.  It allows us to reveal any imperfections in the finish of the drywall and correct them early while the drywall finishers are still on the job.

  • Kitchen - The only standard we have in kitchens is giving you what you want.  We understand this can be the most rewarding part of your project. At Pittenger Builders, we help you select the right cabinets, countertops, appliances, flooring, and lighting to enhance your kitchen's beauty and maintain long-lasting value.  

  • Trim and Carpentry - As we trim out, you start to really see all the crisp lines of your new home.

  • Paint (Final Coat) - After the drywall is touched-up and the trim is installed, we come and finish coat the entire house.

  • Get Floored - Selecting your floors from our design showroom will ensure your home looks great for years to come.  To ensure nothing happens to it, this takes place near the end of the project.

  • Final Electric and Plumbing - At this point in time, the electricians and the plumbers come back and install all of the appliances, fixtures, and trimmings.

  • Final Walkthrough - This is the time where we walk you through the home.  We strive for your 100% satisfaction.  In addition, we also take the time and show you how to properly maintain your household equipment.  We have found this to be an invaluable service to first-time homeowners.

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