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Custom site-built homes

In the early 1900's John D. Pittenger began hard construction or on-site home building in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Since then the family tradition trickled down to his great, great, grandson; James Pittenger. Custom site-built homes are in the blood. Whether it is a small ranch or a million-dollar beachfront home, Pittenger Builders has built it all.

Site or commonly known as stick-built homes are built from the ground up on your lot. Site-built homes are fully customizable and designed by architects. The client is free to choose what they would like in terms of layout, finishes, appliances, and extra details. There is nothing standard about this process. On-site built construction takes place in stages. The initial architect's drawings are designed and changes made by the owner. Before the construction process can begin, all codes must be stamped with approval. The process starts with the foundation, framing, then plumbing, etc. Each step of the construction process must be inspected and approved, as the crew finishes.

As experienced home builders, we know that there will be many changes during the home construction process. Our goal is to make sure your happy, the project is on time, and within budget. Custom design changes are configured into estimated costs, which can change upon client preference.

In the beginning stages and need a thoughtful guide. Check out this great book.

Buying a home can be confusing. Check out our homeowners check-list

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